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No.1 Beauty Salon Furniture Inc. - Product Index
: 1
#20 Cart
1500 Hair Dryer
1500LW Tru-Heat
195-J Shampoo Bowl
21-J Shampoo chair
2708 "Aries" Styling Chair
2808C "Tango" Styling Chair
301 Stationary Facial Bed
301M Stationary massage bed
313 Facial Bed
324 Portable Massage Bed
356 Athena with head rest
416 "Floyd" Reception Chair
417 Technician Stool
427 Salon Technincian Stool
427 White Salon Technincian Stool
675-A Child Chair
675-K Child chair
675-K Child chair
75 Child booster
Appliance Holder - 002
Appliance Holder - 003
Appliance Holder AH-001
BC06 Odyssey Barber Chair
Beauty Salon Furniture Pkg 1
Beauty Salon Furniture Pkg 1A
Beauty Salon Furniture Pkg 2
Beauty Salon Furniture Pkg 6
Brigadier Barber Chair
BSF 2740 Economy Dryer Chair Only
BSF 376 Damiana All Purpose Hydraulic Chair
BSF 376 Damiana White All Purpose Hydraulic Chair with Headrest
BSF 377 Damiana Dryer Chair
BSF 377 Damiana Dryer Chair
BSF 385 "Carla" Styling Chair
BSF 386 Carla All Purpose Reclining Chair
BSF 475 "Triana" Styling Chair
BSF 555 "Sapphire" Hydraulic Styling Chair
BSF 556 Sapphire (Sand) All Purpose Salon Chair
BSF 556 Sapphire With Headrest
BSF 600 "Avery" Styling Chair
BSF 601 Avery All Purpose Reclining chair
BSF 602 Avery Dryer Chair
BSF 704 Neptune Styling Chair
BSF 705 Neptune Dryer Chair
BSF A005 "Alexa" Salon Styling Chair
BSF A058 "Selene" Styling Chair
BSF REC 84 Cache Reception Desk
BSF REC-36 Reception Desk
BSF REC-48K Chase Reception Desk
BSF REC-60K Reception Desk
BSF S12 "Throne" Hydraulic Styling Chair
BSF ST-110 Wall Hung Station
BSF ST-110R Monroe Styling Station
BSF ST-111 Styling Station
BSF ST-112 Wall Hung Styling Station
BSF ST-112C Wall Hung Styling Station
BSF ST-112k-36
BSF ST-113D Hazel Double Station
BSF ST-699R Roller Cart Station
BSF375 "Damiana" Styling Chair
BSF-700F Footsie Pedicure Spa
D-336 Hot towel cabinet
D-395 Sterilizer
D-663 Mag Lamp
Facial Equipment Pkg 1
FT-938 Facial Steamer
LW Dryer Wheel Kit
M-303 Galvanic
M-314 Brushing machine
M600 "Simpson" Manicure Table
Mercury Barber Chair
MP-1 Hair Trap
NT-100 "Angelina" Manicure Table
NT-200 "Bradley" Manicure Table
NT-2041 "Stewart" Manicure Table
NT-K1 "Bryant" Manicure Table
NT-K2 "Hilton" Manicure Table
Pibbs 648 Esthetic Stool
Poseidon Barber Chair
SBW-11 Flamingo
SBW-12 Shampoo Cabinet
Shampoo Cabinet
Shampoo Station Package
SMP-003 Back wash system
SMP-004 Back wash system
ST-112K "Stella" Styling Station
ST-210 "Aidan" Styling Station with mirror
ST-510 "Jennifer" Styling Station
ST-600W Wet Station
ST-688 "Pristine" Haircutting Station
Urethane Semi Circle Salon Mat Thick
VB-1 Vacuum Breaker
VBH-1 Spray Hose
Wilson All Purpose Reclining Hydraulic Chair
Zeus Barber Chair (EXTRA WIDE)
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